Thursday, June 6, 2013

~ The Most Of P.G. Wodehouse

The Most Of P.G. Wodehouse

The most lavish P. G. Wodehouse collection ever published. In addition to Wodehouse's best known and beloved Jeeves and Bertie stories, The Most of P. G. Wodehouse features delightful stories about The Drones Club and its affable, vacuous members: Mr. Mulliner, whose conside

This book really is a "best of" Wodehouse.....
If you are at all wondering if you would like to try P.G. Wodehouse, this is definately the book for you.

This is a sampling of hilarious stories, from some of his main themes. Most notably, there is a selection of stories involving Freddie Wigeon and his doomed attempts at finding true love (all hilarious), a selection of stories involving Mr. Mulliner telling of the bizare adventures of his extended family, a selection of Stanley Ulkridge stories: The man who is determined to get rich the quick & easy way, and a stunning selection of Jeeves stories....

I became interested in reading Wodehouse after reading Douglas Adams's "The Salmon of Doubt." There is a brief essay where Adams praises Wodehouse, and describes Wodehouse's writing style. If you like Adams, you should like Wodehouse.

Wodehouse is very inventive with this short stories. There is always a lot of action, and emotional uproar. But his talent lies in his language and choice of words. If you think...

The Most Of P.G. Wodehouse is one of best selling in Classics category.

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