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> Fred Corcoran: The Man Who Sold the World on Golf

Fred Corcoran: The Man Who Sold the World on Golf

Fred Corcoran was golf's first promoter, business manager, press agent and international tournament director. In 1936, a year before he became the tournament manager of the PGA, there were 22 tournaments nationwide. By the time he left in 1947, there were 45 tournaments an

A Window on American Sport's Colorful Past
Fred Corcoran, the legendary sports promoter and agent, wrote an anecdote-packed autobiography called "Unplayable Lies," and some of his stories are retold in this new volume by his daughter. But Judy Corcoran has produced a first-rate biography of her dad, placing his lively career in the context of American sport's amazing growth in the 20th century. Fred Corcoran put together the modern PGA Tour, negotiated contracts and staged exhibitions for Ted Williams, Sam Snead, Babe Ruth and Babe Zaharias, and pretty much gabbed his way into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Funny but factual, "The Man Who Sold the World on Golf" belongs in any serious (or not-so-serious) golf book collection.

Fred Corcoran: The Man Who Sold the World on Golf is one of best selling in Golf category.

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