Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~ Win The Wager: Golf Tournament Formats for Fun & Profit (Volume 1)

Win The Wager: Golf Tournament Formats for Fun & Profit (Volume 1)

Golf is a serious game, but it should also be a lot of fun! Win The Wager features dozens of fun golf games you can try the next time you and your buddies hit the links. Games for Foursomes, Threesomes, Twosomes, even games you can play on your own. There's even a special se's Pat Mullaly tells you everything you need to know about taking your foursome to the cleaners
With golf season coming early this year to the Northeast, it's time to hit the driving range and the putting green. But there's another area of your game you might want to tune up as well, and that's the all-important wagering portion of your round. After all, there's more to golf than pars and birdies; there are skins, shambles, scrambles (which, contrary to popular opinion, is not at all the same as "best ball"), sixes, and and a gaggle of other games that don't start with "S" but that you can play to inject a bit more competition into your round.

If you're anything like me (a decent enough golfer who wouldn't know an "Ambrose" from a "Daytona"), you can fake your way through a $5 Nassau and cough up your dough or collect your winnings at the 19th hole. But do you really know what it means to press*, or why in the name of Yani Tseng you would want to (answer below)?

Pat Mullaly, editor of (the resource site for today's woman golfer), has come up...

Win The Wager: Golf Tournament Formats for Fun & Profit (Volume 1) is one of best selling in Golf category.

On the internet golf betting is actually one of the most popular options for sport bettors. It makes an alteration from wagering on footballing or indy racing as well as golf tournaments occur throughout the world all year long.

To be successful, it helps for those who have a fantastic understanding on the various tournaments as well as the individual avid gamers. Learning this tournaments will even help you examine the quite a few statistics. Golf tournament betting is usually where some of the biggest earnings lie, particularly to the PGA golf betting time of year. However, there usually are more upsets from the early getting qualification rounds, so you'll want to be following players all over the process to view for movements and weaknesses.

There are many ways to possess a golf bet apart from outright champion, there are generally 72 pit match bets, first/ 2nd round three ball betting and the final 2 day's a couple of ball market segments. Other excellent markets inside the Golf Majors are bets including Top American, Top Western european, and Leading Rest of World. You may also go in terms of betting on a hole a single during case or guess on who'll miss your cut. For true excitement you cannot beat following PGA tour and the Golf Majors; The Masters, US Start, British Start and PGA World-class. Most exciting of all is among the most biannual Ryder Glass competition between your golf squads of Europe along with the USA. Not simply is golf a great game in order to play watching, it can be a fantastic game to be able to bet on in case you are the wagering type.

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