Friday, May 3, 2013

>>> Fore!: The Best of Wodehouse on Golf (P.G. Wodehouse Collection)

Fore!: The Best of Wodehouse on Golf (P.G. Wodehouse Collection)

P.G. Wodehouse often said that he wished he'd spent more time playing golf and less "fooling about writing stories and things." Happily, the prolific and beloved satirist often took his pen to the green. Here, Wodehouse expert D.R. Bensen has collected a dozen pieces to deli

Best of the Green
If you wanted to read all of Wodehouse's golf stories at once, you'd want the Golf Omnibus. If you'd rather not lug around a phone book-sized volume, however, you may prefer this moveable feast of a dozen prime Plum stories (a baker's dozen if you count the preface by D.R. Benson), the best of Wodehouse on the links. Unlike the pocket paperbacks of some Wodehouse editions, with print so small you nearly need a magnifying lens, this oversized "quality" paperback nearly qualifies as a "large print edition." So it's really the best of both worlds, requiring neither a microscope nor a forklift for enjoyment.

Reading Plum on golf, however, is like playing a familiar course; the same stories are scattered throughout various editions. All of these stories have appeared elsewhere. Fore! opens with a very funny story that is quite unlike most of his golf tales, "The Coming of Gowf," which originally appeared in Golf Without Tears (1924), as did four other stories. That's the...

Fore!: The Best of Wodehouse on Golf (P.G. Wodehouse Collection) is one of best selling in Sports category.

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