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>> Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants

THEY'RE CAVIAR AND BEER. KEROSENE ON FIRE. AND THEY'RE FALLING HEAD-OVER-HEELS IN LOVE.... She was the most beautiful British bauble in Europe's jet-set playgrounds. Now she's broke, furious, and limping down a backwoods road in an ugly pink Southern Belle gown.... He was

Warning - a very "80's" book...
Everyone knows SEP is a good writer, able to come up with interesting characters from wildly disparate backgrounds who somehow get together, but this book is not one of her greats. First off, it suffers what I consider an "80's disease" - a Sidney Sheldon/Judith Krentz - like obsession with designer names, foreign princes, descriptions of yachts, and lots of pre-AIDS catting around. Secondly, its characters are not all that endearing: our heroine is obsessed with looks, money, and success, and our hero is obsessed with bimbos and failure. He neglects to tell her he's married; she neglects to tell him she had his son. I had a hard time liking these people, wondering if it was worth the effort to sort through several relationships and lots of confusing flashbacks. I don't feel I'm giving away too much here--if you like SEP, you'll struggle through it anyway--I just wish someone had warned me what I was in for.

Fancy Pants is one of best selling in Contemporary category.

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