Thursday, April 11, 2013

>>> Cuba for the Misinformed: Facts from the Forbidden Island

Cuba for the Misinformed: Facts from the Forbidden Island

Cuba for the Misinformed: Facts from the Forbidden Island A lively survey of Cuba's past and present, and a “must-have” companion to any Cuba travel guide “Cuba has the same effect on American administrations that the full moon has on werewolves.” –– Wayne Smi

WOW! This is the strait s*** re Cuba
I visited Cuba about 30 years ago and I was taken by the country and especially its people. I have been interested in the somewhat ridiculous US policy re Cuba over the past nearly 50 years, and the strange boycott of Cuba while we embrace China, Vietnam and others that have political systems that are different from ours.

This book (and I read every word!) is just great in that it gives us a factual picture of the country and its people, one that is in stark contrast to our US policy of boycotting a small nation of 11 million POOR people who reside just 90 miles off our Florida coast. What is going on here? Why are we keeping the heat on these Caribbean neighbors who are absolutely no threat to us?

Read this book and let Obama and our congress know that we don't need to keep an embargo/boycott on our good neighbors.



Cuba for the Misinformed: Facts from the Forbidden Island is one of best selling in Cuba category.

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